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LLCs, Corporations, Nonprofits, and more...

Entity Formations Made Easy

Online Questionnaire

Fill out our simple online questionnaire. We ask only what is necessary, saving you time.

Review and Send

Quality check your filing on our review page before sending. Then send directly to the state electronically.

Process and Delivery

Through your login, view estimated processing times, get updates, and receive official documents. 


Solutions For All 50 States

InFocusBiz.com operates in all 50 states. From business filings, website design, to accounting systems, we have the services and tools needed to make your business successful. 

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 The starting Point 

Do you feel unfulfilled in your current job? Have you left your current job to do what you have been purposed to do, but don't know how to move forward? This is a great place to start. GET your FREE DOWNLOAD of part 1 to Passion to Profit: The Starting Point to Transforming Your Talents into a Profitable Business Idea.   


Many Solutions. One Company.

Cultivate Your Business Idea

Cultivate Your Business Idea

Walking you through the beginning steps of formulating your idea from your passions, abilities, personality, and experiences.

Establish Your Business

Establish Your Business

Fast, simple, and affordable LLCs, Corporations, Nonprofits, Partnerships, and DBA's for every state; from Alabama to Wyoming. 

Design Your Brand

Design Your Brand

Let us help your business stand out! We work with our clients to design the perfect logo, website, or social media presence your business needs to attract customers. 

Maintain Your Business Systems

Maintain Your 

Business Systems

Successful businesses run on efficient systems. InFocusBiz can help you create and maintain your business systems. From accounting to marketing, we've got you covered.

 About our Company 

"In Focus Business Solutions is not your traditional corporate structure. We are a small business that is committed to entrepreneurship. InFocusBiz partners with other small business to provide you the expert services that you need."

 Kevin Baker



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"The professional and efficient services from InFocusBiz has been exceptional. We went with this company to create our business website and have only gotten positive feedback ever since. Their pleasant customer service and great work on site design and accounting supersede the rest. Oh and when you call, ask for Kevin."

- Anjanee Polk  | Shower Me Registry

When the opportunity came for me to invest in my site, I ran with it. And I’m so glad I did. With the professional help from the team at In Focus Business Solutions, my site went from mediocre to beautifully done. It’s something I’m more proud of than ever and an investment I would encourage any professional to make. Thank you In Focus Business Solutions!

- Deitra Baker | The Teaching Wife Blog

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