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Welcome to my virtual coffee shop. Please take a moment to join my list of contacts by filling out the form below. Don't worry, completing the form does not subscribe you to any campaign. 

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Building positive relationships is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur. In today's world, most interactions take place via social media. Let's connect there! Check out my personal and company profiles. You give us a follow and I'll make sure to return the favor. 

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Brief History

Kevin Baker, the founder of In Focus Business Solutions, looked around in wonder realizing how many others were just as unhappy with the 9-5 lifestyle. As a result, in 2012, InFocusBiz began as a business services company with the belief that everyone should be in control of their own opportunities through entrepreneurship. By assisting clients with establishing their brand, InFocusBiz seeks to greatly increase the number of successful businesses started by everyday people.

Explore The Ecosystem!

We are in exciting times. The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ft. Worth is experiencing huge growth. Take a look at a few of the things my partners and I are involved in that pushes that agenda forward. Join us as we make these events and resources a staple within the community. 


Thank you for stopping by my virtual coffee shop. I am happy that I got to share a little bit about myself. But don't just take my word for it... Here is what others had to say. 

Working with InFocusBiz has been amazing.  Their team is exceptional at helping to bring your vision to life.  Their knowledge and understanding of business and entrepreneurship has helped to open the eyes of those who are interested in exploring and possibly joining the journey.

- Collette Portis, Business Coach & Author

Seeing my website is so surreal! I'm really feeling like an entrepreneur now! Wow!

- Candice Holland, Entrepreneur

Kevin is an amazingly smart business man and resourceful entrepreneur. I love working with him. He's responsive and full of many ideas to help a company grow and compete in the market.

- Diedra Kindred, LegalShield Independent Associate

Kevin has been an awesome partner, resource and connection overall!  I am very blessed and fortunate to have met him.  He embodies the heart of Entrepreneurship and has aided the North Texas Entrepreneur Education and Training Center to astounding outcomes in just a short period of time.  I value his professional etiquette, business acumen and love for the growth and development of the Entrepreneur Community!

- Darlisa Diltz, NTEETC

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