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Work Inspired...

Operations management solutions for self employed professionals.

Website Design 

Creating and implementing a custom designed, user-friendly website consistent with client branding.

Marketing Solutions

Developing strategies to segment a market, target your audience, and position your service to maximize reach and profitability. 

Financial Solutions

Establishing effective bookkeeping processes and procedures that solve inefficiencies to save you time and money. 

Solutions for Self-Employed Professionals

Remain vision focused by allowing us to solve inefficiencies in your business so that you can spend less time making more profit. 

A vision focused company.

At In Focus Biz, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live their purpose and make their impact on the world. Let us help you to make your impact. 

Industries Served

With services that will help self-employed professionals, we specialize in serving the following industries:




Is your business ready for growth?

We all often hope for growth in our business, but are we truly prepared for the growth we are hoping for? Take the following quiz to find out. 

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